georgia prom pictures

Prepping for Prom Pictures

Get Photo Ready with these Tips:

How’s Your Hair?

Brush up on these tips for camera-ready hair. You will always want the camera to focus on your eyes, as well as, capture your attire.  Make sure your hair is not covering your eyes while getting your picture taken. Your hairdo will need to last several hours. Perhaps, have a backup hair-down plan.

Hair stylist, Jessica Vallentine Daniels, owner at A Flair for Hair Salon, suggests getting your hair colored a week before just in case there needs to be any tweaking. If this is your first updo, see your stylist at least a week before your event. This will provide time to practice the style and to get a feel for the stylist. Wear a button up shirt and be flexible with the style. Have fun; besides, it’s your special day!

Mindful Make-Up

Ladies, you’ll want your make-up to last throughout the night for prom. My recommendation is to invest in good quality foundation and concealer and the rest will fall into place. Beauty Balms, which is a foundation, primer and moisturizer all in one, are the latest products getting rave reviews. Top-selling brands include Too Faced and Smashbox. They provide sheer coverage and give your skin a natural glow. It’s quick, easy to use, and makes an amazing difference in pictures. Also, if you’d like a bronze look for summer, try the TANtalizer collection by LORAC.

Here is some great information from Jen Lewis, Owner and Artist at PASTEL Airbrush makeup, “When prom season is in the air, you know that you get to have some fun with your makeup! But before you start with the ‘perfect look’, you have to start with a perfect canvas. There are a few important things to remember whenphotography makeup getting dolled up for your big night. You want your makeup to last for hours on into the night. There is nothing worse than sweating your makeup off on the dance floor. The latest thing when it comes to staying, power in the world of beauty is airbrush makeup. Not only does it last for hours, but also is water-resistant (which helps with the melting makeup problem) and makes your skin camera ready! Airbrush makeup was formulated for the new technology of HD that makes your skin look perfectly flawless in all of those photos you will look back on for a lifetime!  If you choose to use traditional makeup, stay away from any makeup that contains SPF. It reflects light, which makes your face look pale white in pictures. Once you have camera-ready skin, you can now have fun with some color!”

Nail It

Don’t forget your mani-pedi!  You don’t want that close up picture of you holding hands with your date to show chipped or bitten nails.  So, stop biting your nails and go get a professional manicure.  If you have a wrist corsage, try to coordinate your nail polish to compliment the floral assembly.  Your nail polish can be subtle or it can make the colors in a photo pop.  Also, don’t forget your pedicure if you are wearing open-toed heels.

Classy Color Choices

You don’t want your colors to wash you out, whether it’s your make-up or your clothing. Color coordinate with your date and/or theme of your prom or school colors. When taking pictures outdoors, keep in mind not to blend in with the shrubbery/foliage, especially if you’re wearing greens or blues. Outside natural light offers the most flattering lighting for pictures-you’ll want to wear salmon, merlots and sunny tones. Yellow is a great color for tans. I’d avoid black and white prom dress colors. Frankly, they’re too formal and not exciting for prom. You can always change your color picture to black and white. In my opinion, any shade of pink also looks fabulous. Have fun and be colorful!  Last minute and you still need to shop for formal attire?!  Check out Girli Girl Boutique in Buford, Georgia.

Ultimately, celebrate and wear whatever you are comfortable in and ENJOY every moment!

Are you camera ready for your prom pictures?  Be sure to share your tips and tricks in preparing for memorable photos.


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