5 Times to Put Down Your Camera

Written by Chrissy Das

Smartphones, digital cameras, and teenagers with SLRs make it easy to get photos of family events and parties. Thanks to Facebook, Picasa, and Flickr, you can share your photos with loved ones across the globe.

It is tempting to document all events yourself and photograph accordingly, but sometimes it’s better to call in a professional.

Here are 5 times your should put down your camera:

  1. Reunions. Family reunions and class reunions share the distinction of delighting in old memories while creating new ones. Enjoy reconnecting with people without calling out for them to “Smile!”

  2. Birthday parties. It’s fun to capture your son’s 5th birthday party but when you look through your photos a few years later, something’s missing — ; it’s you! You’ll have more fun and be a better host if you can actively engage with the people present.

  3. Vacations. Planning a fun day trip with your friends? Instead of relying on their Instagram feeds to memorialize your adventure, hire a photographer to follow your group for the day. You’ll get unusual shots and have more fun hanging out with your buds. Family vacations are photo-worthy events. Amp up your scrapbook with great shots of your family, including you!

  4. Sporting events. If you’re competing, you don’t have the time or ability to snap a quick selfie. And do you really want to miss your child’s first karate kick because you were changing the settings on your camera? Leave it to the professionals to make sure your family’s greatest achievements appear in a glossy 8” x 10” on the wall.

  5. Once-in-a-lifetime moments. Most people leave wedding photos to the pros, but what about other occasions you want to remember forever? Pre-prom pictures, graduations, and retirement ceremonies can all benefit from the eye of a pro. Religious and cultural ceremonies can be challenging places to take pictures. A professional photographer can be sensitive to potential issues while still capturing a beautiful moment.

What moments can you relive when you hire a professional photographer?




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